Trigger warning: Rape is mentioned. 

Social Rules

Be nice!

Try to have fun, and try to play in a way that other people have fun too!

No racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism...

This includes rape jokes, racist jokes, or any jokes along those lines. The problem is that you have no idéa who you are playing with. You really shouldn't do racist (or likewise) stuff regardless, but when it comes to the internet you have no idea if your statements just scared off another player. All servers in our list are supposed to be safe places. Take that into your heart while playing.

If someone ask you to use a specific pronoun for them, use that pronoun for them!

Gender, and pronouns, can be really, really, really important. If someone asks you to use a specific pronoun (and, yes, this includes gender neutral pronouns), that means that if you don't use that pronoun, you actually hurt them. Most people don't mind much if you mess up so long as you apologize, but please, do take this seriously.

We're here primarily to play and have fun, don't be a creep!

This also includes excessive flirting and pickup attempts.

There is very good reason for this. When you play a game with someone, whether if it's in a competition or not, the other player does not actually have the posibility to walk away. Being cornered can turn even the sweetest of intentions into something creepy. So, if you feel like you want to flirt with someone, and like that they might like that as well, take it somewhere else, and get to know them better. 

Be nice to newbies!

We are a fun, friendly network. Everyone has been new at one one point or another. If someone is new, try to show them the ropes, help them out. Try to be as welcoming as you can!

No. Rape. Jokes.

It's not funny. It's not harmless. It's not acceptable.

This is not negotiable and there is no 'blurred line'. You don't need to make that joke, so don't. Don't be that person - don't ruin someone's day.

These illustrations were made on commission by Linnéa Börjesson, and released under Creative Commons (), You can see more of her fantastic work at her DeviantArt page.